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Stationery and Pretty Pretties from tuccicursive

My Grandmother Alva, saved every card I ever made or sent her.  She would often buy or give me money to buy something impractical but necessary, she called them a 'pretty pretty."   So, I thought it fitting to name my stationery line after her.  

Though this is not her full 'real' name, she often gave "Evans" as her own 'nom de plume' to un-welcomed strangers and suitors.  She did this, however, until my future Grandfather, John, introduced himself as "John Evans."   

And just like this unexpected romance despite deliberate plans, I hope you receive a little surprise of your own. And the best way to get those, is to send one yourself.

My work is hand lettered and designed in my studio in Brooklyn.  My inspiration comes from found photos.  Rescuing lost souls is my business, sending them is yours.